martes, 22 de enero de 2013

We Shop Around to get the Best Quote

A dedicated Business Insurance Broker would take the dedicated labor to find out which is the Best Coverage, at the most affordable price.  When searching for a Commercial Insurance specially in California Cities like Los Angeles, Anaheim, we need to take some considerable observations in order to find out if you are really getting help with your quote or if the Broker is selling an specific Insurance Comapny.

The First thing that the Broker needs to do is:

1- To Review the Coverage Plan included on each one of the Companies (Which one are your coverages and which ones are not included).  Then take a desicion based on the best price, not because it is the Cheapest or the Most Expensive.  The Price on an Insurance Plan never determines if you will be fully Insured in case that the Insurance Service is needed.

Generally the Best Quote is never the Most Expensive nor the Cheapest.  Is an Affordable Quote and would have all the Coverage Parameters in order to insure your Store, Merchandise and Human Resource.

If you are looking for the Best Business Insurance in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Orange County or California Cities, please fill out the contact form and we will get the information you need.

We Shop around on more than 20 Companies to make sure you get the Best.

domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Business Insurance

How to get a Better Coverage for your Business

Insure your Store from Crime

Commerce in general is constantly affected by the High Criminology in Southern California.  In Cities like Anaheim, Los Angeles exists Organized Gangs which main porpouse is to affect Businesess and one way or another Business Owners, Families and People overall are affected.

Considering that Southern California Cities are affected by criminals daily, the first thing to consider before opening a New Store, any Business or If you are already in operating  is getting a Business Insurance that will insure your merchandise, Customers and also Employess in case of any lost.

Our recommendation is before getting your Business Insurance check that you are covered from Theft or Lost.

Besides all this, please keep a positive attitude, very soon our Streets are going to be Safe from this people.

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